How do you guys post videos or hyper links on the forums?

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How do you guys post videos or hyper links on the ...

Ok guys you read the title it has been months now and the Forums just as elite and Mw3 it self are either not working the way i think it is suppossed to or i am just to stupid to work around it. when trying to insert video or linki get nothing i could click on those icons for days and gets nothing the smileys seem to be working thoe manuel input only btw.

I think its a joke that i cant find any info on how to adjust fix the problem, not even on google you will be able to find info or help about this, whats worse is support where the break it down in 5 easy steps to nothing of relvant value yes 5 easy step.

And hell no i aint gonna go use the live chat support, i mean why should i there live help is almost the same as the in game match making, pairing me up with either achmed, soni or haji from the mini markt around the cornor.

Anyway i live in the netherlands and i use win7 ie9 compat. mode doesnt do anything to rectify the problem clearing cash,cookies or browser history brings forth the same results.

Inconclusion if anyone has an idea of or work around for this issue please post here, im off to work my take a while before i send back a response, thanks in advance.

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Re: How do you guys post videos or hyper links on ...

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