How many here are top 1% in the world rankings?

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vims1990 wrote:

In all honesty, the leaderboard system in MW3 aren't really based on you as a player, it's based more on time spent & total score.

According to Elite, I'm ranked in the Top 1% for Domination in MW3 but I hardly consider that anything "special".

I prefered the SPM (score perk minute) leaderboards in Black Ops.

SPM also has it's flaws but it's much better than the leaderboards in MW3.

I have friends who have a lower overall SPM but are ranked higher than me as they have spent so many hours playing MW3 than I do. I think I have around 12 days spent playing MW3, some of these guys already have 30+ days.

Not that I care that much but it's an observation of how the MW3 Leaderboards work compared to the Black Ops SPM leaderboards.

For sure. A top 1% player in Black Ops meant much more last year, than a top 1% in MW3 does now; A world of difference.

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I am in the top 1% for HC SnD.

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i donno about FFA but I know team based objective games normally the top 100 to 200 players are normally ( not all) but normally play in groups and all they do is spawn kill. so When I see their rank i know how the game is going to go, or what they are goint to try and do. im not impressed by rank im like 580 in CTF I play with randoms 95 percent of the time.. which is going to change because since the patch ive been on teams with coooomplete n00bs.. i dont know why

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It's just time spent on the game...

Over 5% - you're a casual gamer

1-5% - most of the people on these forums, majority of keen CoD players and the vocal community

Less than 1% - get a social life.

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I am currently on house arrest which is why I am less then 1%, if I was allowed to have a life the majority of my time would not be spent on this game.

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heard that lol. I got 10 PM curfew which pretty much ****s my social life, but helps my COD rankings lol.

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