How often do you use C4?

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okay, I've been working on it and getting a little better.

Two Qs:

(1) Explain the "double-tap" thing to me... why use it, how do you do it?  Is it only for airburst?

(2) throwing distance... I see some guys throw the thing like it's a freakin frisbee, mine seem to fly like a lead balloon... how can I throw the damn pillow farther???


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I love using C4 it's so fun and can get any camper out of any spot with the double tap of a button!

1. It's faster to double tap X than it is to press RB twice since it doesn't bring out the detonator to blow it up

2. look up... very far up... then throw.

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Thanks, do you have to do the double tap thing within an alloted time?

I do look up, seems like that just makes it land at my feet.

oh well... practice, practice...

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I have used it 7400 times with around 1200 kills.

It was my 1st prestige token unlock.

I typically will use it in domination to "guard" a flag while the rest of our team takes a different one.  Easiest kill in the game, "Enemy taking ___", oh no they aren't.

I couldn't tell you how many multies I have had with it, but I did have a 5+ the other night in infection (dumb enemies).  I think that is my best, I don't particularly pay attention to things like this.

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i wish there was a way to check how many multi kills you have with c4 becuase i know i have alot

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Always use c4. In this video I get a pretty sick c4 kill. I also go 30-0 in free for all and get a MOAB.

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Boom goes the dynamite!!!

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