How often do you use C4?

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For me i have totally given up on frags and semtex, they just don't have the bang i'm looking for.  Betties are nothing like they used to be, and whats the point of using claymores when you can't scavenge  extras from ammo bags. For my money i go C4 all the way and heres why,    Blast shield is completly useless against them and the blast radius is almost double that of an RPG.  I have 250 multi kills with the RPG but i have close to 300 mutli kills with C4.   in total i have 1500 C4 kills. If you play Domination the Rpg/C4 combo along with your choice of weapon and perks( i prefer quickdraw so i can throw the C4 faster and aim the Rpg faster) is downright BADA$$. i cannot tell you how many times i have stopped multiple enemies from stealing the capture zone with a well placed C4 over a wall.  I would have to say my favorite feature of the C4 is that there is no reqiured trajectory for your throw, I'll explain- Lets say someone is trying to capture B and you are on the opposite side of the wall but literally like 5 feet from the guy but theres no way to shoot him but you could throw your explosive over the top of the wall, and with semtex you can't bounce it off anything, and with a frag you have to cook it for a second or two and try to arc it right but most of the time they roll the wrong way. BUT with C4 all you do is aim over the wall, jump toss the C4 and double tap X and problem solved.   My highest multikill with c4 was an awesome triple kill on dome where i threw it over a wall at three people trying to take B and they all died before they could get it,,         What are some of your stories with C4

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You seem to go from asking how often someone uses C4 to asking for C4 stories.  I can answer the first one.  I have never used C4...ever since I got my first throwing knife kill cam it's throwing knife all the way.  Quiet, reusable, and just plain fun.

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to be quite honest i didn't have to work today and my GF did so im kinda bored and was wondering what topic i could start that would get alot of responses, apparently C4 was not the way to go.  But i will agree with you "TheHonch" becuase my first 3 prestiges i used the throwing knife extensivly, but i didn't really get good with it until the end of my third prestige, i could get 5-6 kills a game with it

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If you want a topic to start...just type in "lag comp" and watch the hate come flooding in!

Cheers, and enjoy your day off!

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I love defending B on Liberation with C4. I love to toss  the c4 up from underneath the bridge at unspecting enemies. I get 2 or 3 everytime.

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I use C4 and Bouncing Betty all the time. Here's a video of some of my techniques for getting lots of easy kills:

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I use C4 on my running classes-mp7s-shott guns, I use betties on the rest, except claymores or SnD.

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it all depends on what game type and map im playing like if im playing team defender or dropzone on dome then the c4 is definitely coming out to play

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Judging by the times I got all blowed up by C4 last night... I'm guessing people are using it plenty.

I dabble with it but TBH I just can't get good at throwing it where I want it to go.

'Nades on the other hand?  I'm a freakin artist.  Yeah, I'll puff my chest out here.  I've got em down pat.  I get ridiculous kills all the time, and I ain't fishin... I know great spots where to huck em and I've gotten pretty good at guessing when someones going to be loafing around that particular kill zone.

I think I'm up to top 5,000 in the world for "most frag kills" accolade.

Because I'm a frag whore, and a turrible C4/Semtex guy.  Can't throw the plastique to save my life (figuratively) and Semtex... I just end up sticking them in places I didn't want them to stick.   Bettys... eh.  Take em or leave em.  Stalker can't outrun a frag explosion.

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How often?  Every single match, it's all I ever use in the lethal slot.  It's the best option by far.

Stories?  My best is a quad-kill on Hardhat in Dom.  I also sometimes get into showdowns with people, run around the corner and toss some C4.  When they give chase, *BOOM*.  I've gotten good at hiding satchels by objectives so alert enemies or those using SitRep can't easily see them.  A lot of times when I come upon a prone camping sniper, I'll just drop a satch on his rear end for grins >Smiley Happy

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