How often do you use C4?

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ragnarokchi wrote:

.  A lot of times when I come upon a prone camping sniper, I'll just drop a satch on his rear end for grins >Smiley Happy

Okay, that's just plain funny.

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I use C4 on almost all my classes and its one of the first things i spent a prestige token on. I currently have 3700 kills with it...

I play mostly DZ and some DOM, and on these objective based games its awesome. Heres a quad kill and a long throw triple kill. I love trying for those "impossible" throws, ultimate satisfaction when you have "great success"

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i would agree with Petey Lew, there are some occasions where people use STALKER PRO and for some reason it does delay the c4 for about 2 seconds, thats about the only downside to using C4.    But stalker has lost its Fame and i see alot more people usuing sitrep now and dead silence after the patch. i can't blame them but im a STALKER all the way.

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776 C4 kills since 9th Prestige, that was the first time I used it.  Now I'm 15th.

I loooove it.  774 and mostly been playing S&D since 9th.

Never used it in previous CoD's, been playing since CoD4.

Got a nice triple the other day in S&D with it. 

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It's on all my classes. On launch day I noticed semtex and nads being weak. So I immediately began trying out the claymore, betty and eventually c4, only to never look back. Well over 5000 kills. I believe it gives me over 2 kills per game on average, but then again you do die here and there trying to throw it as well.

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^^^ i agree man i used to die alot throwing the C4 until i started using quickdraw, the difference was dramatic, you throw it almost twice as fast

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my custom setup i use is MK14 rapid fire- Acog scope, Sleight of hand, quickdraw, and stalker, with the C4, portable radar and Rpg.  its funny to becuase everytime i spawn i swap to the RPG and get a kill with it first, then after it runs out of ammo i switch to my primary.  but no matter what weapon im usin if i see a moment where i can get a kill with c4, Im gonna take it

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A multi kill is 4 or more enemies. You are a big liar or just confused. 300 multi kills with C4 and 1500 total C4 kills. 300 times 4 equals 1200. That means 80 percent of the time you throw C4 you kill 4 or more enemies. I am ranked 14 in the world with C4. I have 16,000 C4 kills and around 15 to 20 multi kills (4 or more enemies) with C4. I use C4 on every class every game. You may have 300 double kills with C4 but that would mean you get a double kill 40 percent of the time with C4. I doubt it. There are a handful of people better than me with C4 and I promise you we don't get 40 percent double kills with C4. How do you know you have 300 double kills with C4. Do you write each of them down?

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to originalpunter- my bad i did mean double kills not mutli kills for both the c4 and the rpg

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love c4 wish i had used a token on it just started using it last prestige , its very good for clearing flags on dom .

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