How often do you use C4?

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I use it enough to have earned the most c4 kills accolade 907 times. 3300 plus c4 kills at the moment, my favorite lethal choice by far

Here are a few of my better c4 moments.

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I use C4 on all of my classes except my sniper classes C4 + Ground Wars = Multi kill

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i use c4 all the time. by far my favorite piece of equipment, and definitely the most reliable. i rarely ever get hitmarkers with it, which is awesome. Favorite places to probably use it would be on enemies taking the B flags in domination. Favorite maps would probably be carbon (throwing it from B over the wall down to A), mission (all over the place), and lockdown (on the truck next to the C flag for that unsuspecting victim attempting to sneak over to the flag.

I also have a ridiculous amount of multikills with it lol. Plus it comes in handy when people decide they want to camp corners/rooms. One good toss and thats the end of their little party hahaha the rage messages/responses are priceless.

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I use it on all my classes. It is by far the best lethal grenade.

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If it isn't a Throwing knife on my class, then it's the C4

Has been hundreds of times more reliable than the frags, and semtex.

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If only I could upload those BOps videos that I have saved somewhere. It shows me tossing a C-4, getting a kill, then throwing the next one and getting a second kill. Then I have another where they're placed with a barrier between, and two people happen to run and take either doorway, and I get both at once. It was a killcam to boot.

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i used to always use semtex but i felt as though i was wasting them more than killing with them so i decided to try out c4 and it took me a bit to get used to but it has definately saved my life a few times...i would have to say the best c4 story i have was just the other day i was playing search on seatown and three riot shielders were camping in a corner with a trophy system, i went and threw my c4 which ended up setting off one of the RS's explosive and killed all three for the game winning was epic

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Starting to use the c4 more and it is a lot of fun using it. I have it one of my specialist classses.

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A lot

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