How to fix connection and stop being 1 second behind.

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Ive been playing a lot of matches and I have a good connection and I get HITMARKERS I watch the kill cams and I don't shoot my gun but I actually am shooting I've tried DMZ I've tried port forwarding the correct ports I've tried QOS (quality of service) and other things but nothing helps if there is an easy way to fix this please let me know thank you

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There is no fix. Its called MW3.

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Yeah true but I see very body doing good and I'm stuck with this kind of gameplay and it's annoying when the game came out it it was fine after a month of being released it had lag and all these other problems

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It's a gamble, man. you hop iinto a game, and sometimes the stars favor you, sometimes it's the other team. Personally, lately, I have been more frustrated by games going to shite midgame. Start out playing boss, but midway through, bullets stop connecting and 12-2 becomes a 17-16 by the end of the match. Thought it might be caused by new players joining the match, messing with the Lag Comp. Dunno. But it sucks. Consistency is a currency you would think a FPS would want the most.

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I know skeezeeguy. that's the #1 thing i hate the most in this game. I would start a game of domination going 20-2 then in midgame my bullets become plastic or invisible and il go 22-19.

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^ All the time!!

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i play alot of Hardcore just for the fact that the damn lag/comp/lag anything. but HC seems to have less, or else im just faster then they are?

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No answer has been found. Can't fix the broken game. Don't think they even tried, and now you are 5 and 1/2 months out from Blops 2, so prolly not gonna happen. My suggestion to you, and to all, is Gamefly the next title, and if it is better, buy it then. That way you don't get burned again.

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Lol I thought someone found a fix. Needs a question mark so people don't get their hopes up.

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This lag just made me get off right now. I noticed one person on my team had one red bar and the other team had good bars. Maybe thats it? Idk

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