How will MW3 deal with the dreaded teamkiller...

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yeah i agree with dirty on that one because some people have no clue what they are doing and waste to much time and people get mad over that so i say the 3x rule should come in handy for MW3

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Voting system or simply the efficient Ricochet system which is crap when you bomb a location and die in the process cause your mates ran under your bombs... Ok voting system definitely !

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I like the voting system, but mark my words, it will be abused somehow.  Maybe they should have WAY more strict team kill rules.  Instead of having 3 team kills=time out, make it 2, and increase the time out to about a minute after the 3rd.  Then if you get 4 team kills, have it compound. Team killers wouldn't want to play at all.  I'm pretty sure HCHQ needs to be ricochet tho. 

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