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If i cant get online on any call of duty, caus my game freezes in the multiplayer menu, does this mean that i got hopped

? what should i do? online works fine on non-cod games

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Ok so if you can get online on non CoD games then that means your MAC address is safe and sound. Getting hopped on MW3 would not stop you from being alble to connect on the other CoDs. Don't worry bout that, if anything it may the servers. Try again later.

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ok, now i can get back online on mw3, but the other 3 still freeze in the multiplayer menu

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Calm down a little and stop being so hyper active, though it does suit your name and that is really hilarious name on my opinion.

Anyways, you said you got hacked in some thread, though I guess semperfi550 has already given you some advice.

All I can say is that maybe your game freezes because you got hacked, but there is one case where BO and MW3 used to freeze on the multipayer menu if I hit the go online option right away, once you get to the menu, hold on a little so that the numbers on top right corner telling the version of the game will change, then try enter online.

If that doesn't work then I don't know what is wrong. My other Wii does randomly freeze on the main menu of the console, but that is because it is release pre-order so it is old and it's been fixed 3 or 4 times which have followed it to become slightly slower. Maybe you've got the same issue, but I really can't help more than suggest these things

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will you try logging onto the WAW or MWR servers real fast? now those are the only 2 games that freeze in the multiplayer menu

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Nothing is ever wrong with those servers...

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then why does my game freeze when i try to connect to nintendo wifi on those 2 games?

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It's probably your fault. Its your Wii. Nothing with the servers.

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You have your wii homebrewed, with wrong codes. thats what happens then.

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Not sure but worth a try,  Reboot your Router. and WiFi setting.  Another thing that might help is you port forward your Router to MW3 (Ativision can give you the port numbers needed for MW3) settings will also give you better connection and faster game connection when in Lobby.  Just a suggestion.

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