I Sold My Soul!?

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I Sold My Soul!?

And bought MW3 digitally via Xbox Live Marketplace Games On Demand

Oh gosh here we go again!

"On sale for $40 for a limited time starting April 24"

I have bought the other COD games in the past and have gotten my 50 or more hours out them...

With MW3 I regret nothing better single player experience overall thanks to Spec Ops & Survival

and I don't know if it's because I have the digital version but the game looks much better then previous COD gams such as Black Ops or MW2

more cleaner high def

My only beef with the COD series has been not with the yearly release but actually the DLC 

you buy the game ever year then pay more for DLC that is you want to

but it's getting kind of exhausting LOL

In the end the games are fun to play and I guess that's all that matters

P.S. I know I joshed you 402 but I miss you

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