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How many hours do you have? I know you said you played since like Halo 1 or something but you really got to put hours in to develope instincts for the game. Especially now since there are people who have played it non stop since it came out. It definately wont hurt to know every map like the back of your hand. Learn player tendancies. Like when a sniper shoots at you and misses you spot him he gets the f outta there, what route is he most likely to take. The only way you can learn these thing is ALOT of repetition. There is just so many small things like this that are wired into peoples brain as instinct it seems it would be impossible to catch up this far in the season if your far behind so I feel your frustration. So really the best advice in my opinion would be to find the guns you like and stick to the areas and routes of the map you feel comfortable in.

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Work with classes and perks, etc that help strengthen your weaknesses. Use 5 classes with different weapon setups until you are comfortable then change when you feel comfortable.

Watch other players in theater modes as well as watch the killcams as much as possible. The killcam watching will actually HELP your team because you dont die as much as learning on the fly

Stay OFF the minimap and listen and watch your surroundings. Use the minimap for GENERAL knowledge of who is dying around you. When a green arrow disappears suddenly then that means the enemy is near (or camping) . When the green arrow disappears then WAIT to decide to move or not.

Skulls on the screen mean a buddy died. Watch out.

I had one good suggestion but Alzheimers kicked in

Oh thats right....

Hold the controller to the most comfortable and fast firing position possible. This way you can pull the fire button faster if you get the trigger in the right position.

And do not worry whatsoever what people are saying. Just mute the jerks in the game. You can mute them while still playing OR turn down the incoming voice volume settings on the dashboard if they get to be annoying.

Play in a style as if you were playing "war" when you were younger. Dont run out in the open . Use the cover given to you. Run when you NEED to run and used the cover at the same time. Use stealth when needed . Things like that.

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it really is just playing, like others above said.  When I first got MW3, after only playing black ops for a few months, I was so bad.  I remember asking one of my friends who had like a 1.30 KD for advice, because I was routinely going like 5-15, 6-13.  I hoped maybe one day, before the next COD came out I could possibly have a KD that high!!  This was right when MW3 came out.  My good games were if I broke even.  He told me to use the Type 95.  I didn't really take his advice bc I have hated burst weapons.  But I kept playing. 

At some point, maybe around 10,000-15,000 kills, I broke even to a 1KD.  I was so satisfied, I didn't care what happened from then on out. 

I kept playing, a lot.  I have a job that allows me to work from home a lot, and really only has like 4 hours of actual work to do per day, so I'd play a lot in between emails and phone calls.  Eventually I got up to a 1.6 KD.  I decided I really wanted a MOAB at this point, told myself if I just want 1 before Black Ops 2 comes out.  I finally got 1, was so happy.  I kept playing.

I reset my stats at Prestige 15, wanted to see how my stats would be now that I got "good" at the game.  Now i have made it all the way back to prestige 13 again.  I have a 2.47 KD.  I have a 3.01 KD for the month of June.  I have 30 MOABS, and 14 of them in June alone, and I was in CHicago on business from the 11th - the 17th.  I pretty much get a MOAB every day I play if I play for 2+ hours.

When I started I was happy with a match if I broke even, then when I reset my stats I was only happy if I had twice as many kills as deaths, now I am only satisfied if I get a 3KD in a non-objective game type like TDM. 

Also, if you were to watch me play now, you'd see me rush a lot.  If you saw one of my gameplays early on, even my good ones, I'd be sitting in a small area, waiting for people. 

If theres any advice I could give, it's DON"T camp.  Don't be scared to die.  Die, a lot.  But learn doing it.  Watch kill cams always and realize your mistakes.  Pay attention when you die to what weapons and perks the enemy was using and why he may have had an advantage over you.  Was he running assasin?  Make sure when your team has a UAV up you realize he won't be on it.  When a UAV goes up, pay attention to how many players show up vs how many are in the game. 

Little things like that over time will make a difference.  But above all, it's play the game.  Your muscle memory will improve over time.  A lot of the things you'll do in getting better you won't even realize, you'll just notice one day your winning gunfights more often. If you are having trouble keeping your reticule on them, try lowering your sensitivity.  Some of the best players play on 2 or 3.  I have heard a lot of pros play on 3.  I play on 6 on Assault Rifles and 5 on SMG's but I started on 2 and worked my way up to 7, but found I had trouble keeping my reticule on them at that level and settled on 6.

Like someone else said above, you have the disadvantage of ppl like me who have been playing this game from day 1 (earlier for me I got it 4 days early).  But doesn't mean you can't improve.

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Sorry for the extra post. Sometimes its good to "camp". which alot of players hate. By this I dont mean to sit in one spot looking one direction to kill a person coming from one way. That will get you stabbed from behind.

What I mean it to hold a specific area like a room with multiple windows and watch for what others are doing. When you kill a guy the enemy sees a killcam then (inportant) GO TO ANOTHER AREA

Stay away from the heavy fight if you want to and kill guys trying to flank your buddies, or hold off a couple of rooms THEN move.

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Move to Mexico, get a dialup connection, enjoy god mode.

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Also use the low strikepackage options, there's little point of having them set to Reaper, AC130 and Pavelow if you have no chance of getting anywhere near there.

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use the support strike package, that will annoy a lot of the opponants ,i use it myself on some class set ups, my favourites are normally counter uav, blinds them for a bit, stealth bomber,and a toss between the Emp or the escort airdrop,give your team mates a little something back,

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i would suggest getting Black Ops.

not trying to put you off this game but Black Ops has a certain mode that this game does not and its called "Combat Training".

in Combat Training, you play against the computer. you can choose how many enemies you want to go up against (the more the better) and how hard you want them to be (recruit all the way up to veteran).

this mode plays exactly like any other match type. and it has a ranking system too. its the same ranking system as MP and you start out at level 1 of course. and like MP you have to level up to unlock new things.

like i said, i am not trying to put you off of this game, but Black Ops has the game mode that could really help you. the Spec Ops on this game doesnt have anything close to combat training unless you count survival but i wouldnt.

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Start playing Spec Ops survival in singleplayer.

That will learn you the basics of positioning and aiming at a steady and slow pace.

Once you can aim rapidly, precisely and can move from cover to cover and handle large packs of enemies taking massive amounts of bullets to kill, you're ready for taking on humans.

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