I need a Clan/Team [PS3]

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Name: Tyson

Location: New York


PSN: Last-

K/D: 2.24

W/L: 60%

Elite Founder/Premium

Game style: I can do anything to help the team win.I like to play the mid-range game.

I want a clan that is good not only on this game but others as well. I want it to be a smaller clan/team with around 20 memebers and not looking to get bigger. I want to know the guys I'm playing with and get to just have fun as we own. Give me a shout on psn or here and i'll gladly try out for a team to make sure it's the right fit for you and me.

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Come check out clan Dib$, seems we may be right up your ally. PSN- Kujo_v2 or visit the clan page. Mostly on mid afternoons.

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Are you Premium Tyson?

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Yes shadow forgot to put that in. I have founder status.

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