I thought there was an update?

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I haven't played CoD for about 3 weeks and I read there has been an update to fix some weapons but when I played today I didn't download a new patch. And another thing, I downloaded the July bundle and it says I haven't. What the hell is going on?

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Weapon adjustments are never a patch.  They are hot fixes on the server side.  Not a patch.

The DLC is a mess.  Everytime I DL new DLC I have to delete everything and DL i all again one at a time even the spec ops junk that I dont play.

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There has been no weapon fix yet. I have used many of the guns and they are still very unstable. The AK still kicks like a race horse and is unusable from long range. No change in the FAD. People will tell you it doesn't require a patch but it does. You can't change the characteristics of the games hardware without updating it via game update. The guns will be buffed when the new maps come out. In 6 days they will release new maps and update for that as well as update the hardware for the guns.

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Also a lot of people fall victim to the placebo effect. Short and sweet, this means that people believe the guns changed because they were told they were by other people. However, if you watch Drift0r's video, he tested all of the guns (mathematically) and explains the placebo effect. I don't have the link but it's in these forums somewhere.

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Driftor already posted another video saying the guns were buffed bromigo.

anyway, the m16 is very different, the ump is stronger at long range. the mp5 got a double edge sword, by increasing the Rate of fire they also increased the effective recoil..........sooo...

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Can you provide the link or what I can type into YouTube to find the video?

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Go all the way to the bottom, also since the last update was Aug 7 2012, I would say the hot fix is in.

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