I wish some of the choke points were a little more spread out!

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Oh, I can't say I've had that happen to me. Of course I've hear too many stories about FFA so I've never played it

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I was spawn camped on Dome during a FFA match one time, the guy just sat there waiting for me to spawn in that room that goes to A dom. He still owes me a new pair of TB PX21's

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You forgot Fallen, easily the worst in my opinion. Ever noticed that all the action only ever takes place on that one side of the map?

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The only problem with Fallen is how easy it is to force the enemy into a corner once you get some decent airsupport in. Reaper + AC130 turns any gamemode around on that map

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iv noticed most of the maps are all the same design if u think about it they just have one center cut threw and one on the left and right making only 3 ways to get threw the map only maps that dont really follow this are the new ones liberation, piazza and black box

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True, I have not played the Elite maps so I would not know about them.

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I've gotta say the only map that you're pretty much not gonna shift anyone is Hardhat. Every other map especially on kill confirmed you can force new choke points on people and shape the flow so they appear in new areas.

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[fnx]sworndeath wrote:

Some of the maps do not have this problem as bad as others but most of them have this notion that ALL the action needs to take place in one specific spot. This is something that has been annoying me for a while now while playing MW3, previous titles did not have this problem and always seemed to provide a viable flank route to all the choke points. Some of the maps that come to mind are:

Lockdown: This being the worst of the lot. This map is fairly big in comparison to some of the other maps, yet it seems like every single person from both teams rush to that stupid corridor just so that they can camp and headglitch the doorways. Did IW think it would be fun to try and eliminate countless players from a cramped corridor while they all have their sites ADS at both doorways? The fact that grenades are garbage doesnt make this any easier. This whole map seems like a ghost town until you get to that corridor.

Hardhat: Pretty much the same thing, why would anybody want to run down a pipe and get killed by someone sitting on top of the exit. This player also has views of the room that also seems to be the biggest camp fest and any poor player running down from A spawn is met with 4-5 (pretty much a whole team) camping in that one spot.

Seatown: Same thing, its a big map yet ALL the action takes place in that one bloody room that players camp in.

Resistance: Not too bad but still, theres that one room where you can easily find 4+ players camping making this the focus point of the ENTIRE map even though, once again, it is a bigger map.

I can name more examples if need be, but im sure you all get the point. Like the title says, I wish the choke points were a little more spread out just so we can at least use more areas of the maps.

If they were spread out then they wouldn't be a choke point

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