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Looking for a great clan with great people and great players Iconik-Gaming is the clan for you. If you want to join message IG Unstoppable on xbox live or just sign up from the instruction.


Follow these instructions exactly (Please)




How to join:

1- Click on Register at the top right corner of the home page

2- Put in your date of birth

3- Your username for the website is your xbox live gamertag

4- put in your gamertag

5-Refer: IG Unstoppable

6- Just fill out the rest of the forms. (As you like)


Our clan has a military rank structure. To rank up you must meet the standards.


Rank structure:


RecruitSmiley Frustratedomeone who expresses interest in Iconik-Gaming


Private: 20 post and at least 5 days in IG


Corporal: 50 post


Sergeant: Minimum post is 70 post and shows leadership skills


Master Sergeant: Shows leadership skills


Lieutenant: Leadership skills


Captain: Leadership skills


Major: Leadership skills


Colonel: Leadership


Brigadier General: Leadership skills (BG)


General: Leadership skills (XG)


Commander: Leaders (IV)

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