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Hello Interwebz!

I am JediMaster Shark aka Rob. I have been an active Call of Duty community member since World at War.








PSN: JediShark

XBLA: jedimastershark

Steam: jedimastershark

EA Origin: JediMasterShark

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JediMaster Shark
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I'm James aka thebigb59 or 82 if you remember me from the Infinityward forum, I'm a former member of the Channel 5 News Action Team (The Community Moderators of IW) Avid collector of games, sporting a games collecton varying from Mega-Drive to PS3.

Highest poster on the IW Forum, strong supporter of the PS3 Community (though they don't deserve it), love my games and I dislike Treyarch

Twitter: @thebigb82

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Highest poster you say? I liek Uz.

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Highest poster in over 4 long years of service

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I see. Well are you going to be a Moderhater on here as well?

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Not been asked to be a moderator

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Hi all,

I'm Vimal. Been on the COD Black Ops forums for a while.

I enjoy gaming & taking long walks on the beach.


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I'm dtuchpunk. Without the mistake should be dutchpunk.
Member of old forum sins WaW not very active. Became active around the time BO came out.
From The Netherlands play on xbox. Played every cod game so far.

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Hi all. My name is Thomas, and I´m coming from the W@W and BO forums. I made a new account for this, my old account on W@W and BO forums is Horrorman, still using him there.

I like to play games, mostly FPS, RPG´s, and all kind of RTS. I´m on PS3 & PC, tough I do have a X-Box, but only for some exclusive titles there. Hope to have some nice conversations with you guys/girls.

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Hi there Horror, nice to see you, that is quite an interesting name

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