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PSN.I.D. esmorgue CoD ADDICT, have to hand some death. Love spending time with my kids when I'm off work. Lets make this a good, bloody fight. Been on the IWF, but lost my profile info. Restarted with this one. Been on BO forum. Will call out hypocrisy in a minute.

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How can I quote on people !?


Yea he is from Full Metal Jacket.

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I love FMJ that is a great movie a true work of art, by the way how do you add an image to your account I cannot find it.

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I join about 1 month ago in the black ops web. I played on the playstation my gametag is the same as here  MVME2NIGHT If you like to add me go ahead

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I'm djam and I play MW2. Or at least I used to play it, but nowadays it's so full of cheaters it's not that fun to play anymore. Definately needs patching. On PS3 that is. The 360 version was properly patched already.

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Oh god...

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Welcome to our two new people, we hope you enjoy your stay on the OT.

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Hello my PSN is Quagers13 and my name is Alex Quigley.

Aged 17 in the UK studying Physics, History and economics looking at universities currently for a marketing degree. I play hockey on weekends and badminton on mondays, fairly decent skier and sailor.

I have played PS1, PS2 and now just got my 3rd PS3 (ARGH!) I don't have a wide range of games most people say but I mainly play FPS games including COD, Resistance, Killzone and MAG. My favourite developer is Insomniac games simply because they created my 2 favourite all time game ratchet and Clank and Resistance.

Currently playing Resistance3 because it's possibly has the greatest campaign i've ever played.

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Well I wish you good luck with your studies, I am in college as well and I am majoring in Criminal Justice.

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My name is Brandon and I am one amazing individual. I have been described as "sexy", "talented", "brilliant" and "a grammar Nazi".

I came from the Black Ops forums. I will troll you as soon as you let your guard down.

I am currently in college and would like to go to University to do something which I have no clue. Probably something computer related.

And one last thing... Goml.

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