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It is nice to see you here as well.

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I'm Matuzz

I'm from veeeeery cold place

I like the possiblities of this new forum

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I officially welcome you Matuzz, enjoy your stay.

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Oh boy. So here goes nothing.

DEATHRACERCHEVY here. I've had a controller in my hands since I was 3. I have clocked possibly too many hours onto Call of Duty more than is probably healthy. I hit 10 prestige in about.....

Alright enough with that crap.

My name is Cristy and I am from the sunniest place in CA. I work as a Carnie at Universal Studios Hollywood. I have tattoos that are video game and nerdom related because that is who I am and I will always be that way. I've been playing Call of Duty since it first came out for PC. And in my humble opinion the OT is the place to be.

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My name is Platinumb and I am a recovering alcoholic.

I will be your typical regular who leiks blue mud fishes.

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It's me, Dudeacus97

On the Black Ops forums, I annoyed the hell out of the "vets" and the "regulars".

Sometime soon, I will make an account on, just so I can troll all the nerds there.

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I'm Bishop, but I'm not a bishop.  I lurked the Black Ops OT forums waiting for the MW3 forums to pop up.

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Hawk here, long time member of the CoD community. My opinion on CoD has changed over the years and now i'm more of a Battlefield fan.

you'll likely see me either complaining about some overpowered perk or weapon or complaining about those who believe a perk or weapon is overpowered tin the near future.

I'm a rusher, and prefer a shotgun over an SMG or the infamous CoD knife.

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I'm dakkoff, I was on the Black Ops forums for a while, but I set up a new account here and on elite. I'm a PS3 gamer, been playing Call of Duty since 4. Looking forward to MW3 hardened and all the Elite bonuses.

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hello???... im ron burgundy???

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