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Greetings all MW3 players.

Recently the MW3 site has been decimated by invisible cheaters ruining this game for EVERYONE.

People are asking:

  • Where do they come from?
  • How did they get this cheat glitch?
  • How come when I report this with the in game reporting system nothing is done about it ?

The answer to all of these questions is simply this........  MONEY.

I used to work for a high profile game company that was attached to the Madden NFL series.

Here is the answer plain and simple,  These game design companies ALWAYS include cheat codes and back door glitches when they come up with the original program. Do you really think that people are inventing a glitch so that they can become invisible in the game? NOPE. Do you really think that MW# cant stop these cheaters? Of course they can. They don't want to. The glitches and back door cheat entrances have to be intrained/included into the original program by the game programmers when the game is originally created. Why? 1) So they can have fun playing with each other and also go online and kick some ass with their cheat glitches. Secondly, and more importantly, we used to put these glitches in so that one day, when we want to shut down the on line server, we can do it and not get our loyal customers angry with us.

When we shut down the Madden '09 on line server, people lost their minds, it was hugely popular and the back lash affected sales of our new games '10 & '11. However, if these game companies don't shut down servers , then nobody buys their new products and the company will go out of business. Remember, harsh life truth here, these companies don't make these games to entertain us, they are in business to make MONEY. And that's ok, this is America, everyone has a right to make money. And if people are only playing older games on line, then they don't make any money. Its very simple.

So...They want to shut down the hugely popular MW3 server so the consumers will be forced to buy their new games, Ghost, Ops II, etc. etc.   Enter the in program glitches I told you about earlier. They start by going on line in the games themselves and use the cheat glitches to piss everyone off. Then they release, or "leak out" the glitches to the public , through back door measures, not out right. Now you have a bunch of people cheating in the game ruining it for every one, and soon the MW3 server will be shut down and blamed on all the hackers out there getting into the game "and ruining it for all". But the harsh truth is that this is all part of the plan to shut down the game server and force all of the gamers to buy the new games because they will have no choice now with the MW3 server shut down

And nobody will be mad at MW3, there will be no back lash because hey, its not MW3's fault right? Its those damn hackers!!

Its actually a pretty clever plan, although its dishonest. But its all about MONEY ( remember when I said this earlier?)

But this IS America, and making money is what our society is based on. Sucks for the MW3 lovers however. Just like the Madden '09 lovers.

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What about World at war lol

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