IW says the community wanted this or wanted that, BS. Where are the polls from the community? I don't see them nor have I ever participated in them.

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I call BS

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I've been asking forever why we cant make polls here. Most forums allow it. I'll assume its because either they dont think we'll use them responsibly or because they actually dont really care.    402 who never played the game prob asked his make believe friends what they liked, then decided to do what he wanted in the end anyway. I cant stand when they say" We listened to the community".   If that were true, there'd  be no death streaks, teammates couldnt steal last stand kills, maps would be bigger so you could snipe, Elite would work from the beginning or not have been offered, and clans would have played each other for points, not been forced to play separate from their clans to maximize points.

I agree- BS

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