If you have century link dsl in Washington read this.

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If you have century link dsl in Washington read th...

So I was playing MW3 last night and it seemed a little laggy at times. So this afternoon I went to ctlhelp.com and ran a speed test. Found out my upload was only .134 mbps. That seemed a little more so I contacted century link tech. support. After doing several tests and changing computers and more tests etc. She put me on hold and contacted another dept. which you can't contact and she told me that they just got a repair ticket for something their having issues with. She said their engineers are working on the problem but that it could be 4-6 weeks to repair. Of course my reaction was "FOUR TO SIX WEEKS!!!" Do I get some sort of credit since I am not getting what I am paying for. I was told that I may get a credit when it is resolved since then they will know how much to credit me. Needless to say I am going to run a speed test every day until it is fixed and then contact them again regarding a credit. Just thought I should let everyone using their service to know this information. I would suggest running the test on their site and making sure you are getting what you pay for. Also if others phone in and demand a credit maybe it will light a fire up their @ss to fix the problem.

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Re: If you have century link dsl in Washington rea...

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Not an uncommon problem alot of dsl services have been overselling and taking more customers then they really can handle with the hardware installed. So it causes users speeds to fluctuate wildly depending upon the time and day of use of the service.

I have windstream dsl and have the same problems. My UL changes from .75  to .25 at random points in the day. So any game that requires a constant UL for performance like CoD or other FPS games suffer. Where games like Boderlands does not, since you do not need the high UL all the time.

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