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Influx of Hackers

Hi. I've been playing MW3 since it came out essentially, and have been playing CoD since the original. I would have stuck with MW2, but every single game I played there was full of hackers and I couldn't take it.

I had high hopes for MW3 due to the promise of this in game reporting system, but I have been feeling that it doesn't really do anything.

I had only seen the odd hacker for the past 6 months or so, those of which I reported in game. I only report players I am completely sure about, ie. ones who are invisible. I don't care if the hacker is on my team or the opposing one; either way it ruins the game for me.

Lately, as in the past two weeks, I am seeing (or not seeing) invisible players in almost every game. It's as if everyone got hacks for Christmas or something. It's gotten so bad that it's almost not worth playing. I report all of these in game, as well as on the Activision Support Site, but I am not seeing any changes. I feel that since Ghosts came out, MW3 has fallen by the wayside and the people who are supposed to ensure that this sort of thing doesn't happen have just stopped caring. The same thing happened to MW2 when BlOps came out.

Just today, I reported a hacker, and messaged him to inform him of that (because I like them to know that they've been caught) and his response was, 'good luck signing into your account 24 hours from now.'

Not sure what to make of that.

Honestly, to whichever Activision personnel happen to read this, I am not willing to invest my money into your games when you can't even manage the ones you currently have. If I saw a drastic change in the immediate future, then maybe I would buy Ghosts or future titles, but until then, I expect I am just going to continue to play MW3 (because it still has less cheaters than MW2) and grow increasingly frustrated because if your inability to control what happens in your games.

On the other hand, if you wanted to grant me the power of the banhammer, I would take care of this problem for you. Hell, I'd even go and take care of the hackers in MW2 as well.

Of course, if that were to happen, then people would have no incentive to buy Ghosts, would they?

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