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Re: Installation block. Help?

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Same here.

I've purchased three copies of CoD MW3 to install on three different PCs.  All three PCs have the same installation problem with the different copies of the game.

The PCs are all Windows 7 with relatively new installs, and Microsoft updates are all up to date.

I do have a really crappy internet connection and suspect that as a contributing factor.

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Re: Installation block. Help?

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Ok I have had 3 people try it worked for one and not the other two so it is a hit and miss solution.

once I got it installed it reckons I still have to do 14GB update for multiplayer. A friend is telling me it dosnt turn out being full 14gb but I don't have the bandwidth to attempt just yet.

I will post below what I have done but it may not work for all.

To start go into steam whilst online and go to games library.

If you have already activated the game it should be in there even though you have not installed it.

Now here was my trick start to download game, and install via steam.

Only do about 8mb but then hit pause I did about 8mb to be safe once paused exit steam completely.

This means going into task manager to make sure it is not running in the background.

Now create a short cut to steam on your desktop.

Once that is done right click on short cut and go to properties.

Your target file should look like this providing you have installed steam to your c: drive ( "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" )

What you need to do from here is add -install d: to the end so it looks like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" -install d:

If your CD/DVD drive is not D: and its E: or G: or something else just replace the d: for whatever drive letter your CD is in.

That part sets it to install from CD not on-line once double clicked on.

When you double click on short cut now it should start the game menu from CD as normal except this time it will say REINSTALL.

please hit reinstall now not install and see how it goes.

it takes awhile but you should eventually see that it is installing from cd drive now instead of nothing.

Please post your results positive and negative and feedback online to this thread to help others with same problem, hopefully this way they can implement a fix for this problem.

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Re: Installation block. Help?

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Thanks Dazzas.  That worked for me, with a little variation.

I followed you instructions.  That got me past the initial block, but then it hung again on the next step.

I had to go back to normal steam ( not using the new shortcut ) and there was a steam update that was required.  Once that steam update was applied I went back to running steam from the new shortcut and it all looks to be installing fine now.

Thanks for you excellent post.

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Re: Installation block. Help?

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Ok i have to create a desktop-icon, under your instruction, click on it, accept, accept, ... and then: nothing. But! ---> Then i clicked on Autorun from my CD/DVD drive, clicked on REINSTALL, and it works!

I think ist important to download 8 MB, then trying to start with your Icon (to install other things) if this fail after installing other tings you have to click on your CD/DVD drive and use normal setup and choose REINSTALL!

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Re: Installation block. Help?

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Thank You!!!!!!!   I was on the verge of snapping the disks and prison shanking myself with the shards.

I manged to get the single player installed with this method however steam is updating the 14GB multiplayer part. My internet speed and cap is dismal, therefore I wanted to know how big the actual download is (Since you mentioned your friend said that the download isn't the full 14gb).

Once again thank you because I quite literally spent  3 days straight trying to find a solution.

Hope other people find your method successful as well

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