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that glitch is really ignoring me to

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i ran into a 3 hacker yesterday, 1 invisible, other invinsible, and the 1 that can change his profile name and colors

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Lots of people just mix up their terminology which isnt all that bright but its hard to keep up sometimes. The modded names are modders or were modded and its a bannable offense ive had friends not get banned for it and modding achievement scores onto their accounts ive seen how its done.

I even got into it a little bit and modded for example custom weapons and i even made the 2nd if not tied for the best modded shield generator i had eve seen anywhere even outside borderlands back in the day. I tried to keep it all to myself and just mess with it on solo cuz it was so easy but i didnt wanna be affecting the community with it like others. Of course i did like off to some friends and friends of friends course it was just so amazing back then.

Besides that game had already been plagued with rocket launchers using the gatling gun mechanic to shoot rockets or even bouncing rockets like crazy across the screen sorta like in the early halo reach days with the plasma cannon mod/hack. But borderlands was quick to nerf/fix a lot of the mods. It was getting bad and was causing people to lag out i even got my hands on one of em a friend gave me and it was fun for 5 minutes until i started bugging out. Its like cheating in pokemon or using cheats in grand theft auto it gets old fast but its really cool at first. Not that its justifiable in any of those cases but still, u cant help curiosity.

Same thing actually happened with people modding achievements and cutting corners in fable 3. At least you havent had the game ruined to the point where you couldnt enjoy it anymore... fable got so bad cuz of that type of stuff that.....

Now im just ranting..... Continue reading at your own discretion if you wanna hear the story:

It was so bad in fable 3 that my group of friends would literally pas each other bugs/glitches ass the fallout for duping items and using modded items and even if you never did a thing yourself you could easily catch the darn glitch like it was the common cold. My friends passed on a glitch to mere where you could no longer dig in spots that you needed to for loot and achievement related items, we eventually found that if you went to the right water hole to dive in for loot it would fix it right up. Hell my game got so bad i had a glitch where i was sliding across the floor in a legs spread battle stance/pose sliding across the ground like it was icey, i couldnt do attack or do anything that required i physically make my character try and cast a spell or attack something. My friend invited me to his game anyways and the next day it happened to him and it had already cleared up like my character was sick for a day. Eventually it got so bad my saves got corrupt and the worst part about is was the only thing i did besides dupe items for friends like the rare weapons was dupe gold. I guess just that and being in enough public games with people that had come in contact with hackers or were hackers themselves just ran though our systems like a plague. I wound up missing out on the last DLC i already pre purchased and i was planning on beating the game again for literally 110% completion i wasnt going for achievements or anything anymore besides collecting everything i could  that existed in the game and raising the property value of every building as high as possible simple because thats what i had done in the original fable and i remember it being a lot of fun and satisfying to have done. Too bad i missed out on it, i was actually considering modding myself just so i could make a character i could use again but i wound up thinking it wasnt worth the trouble for all i know i could have just made my own terrible situation on a new character that i would have invested time into.

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its not Hacker , its a Cheater . or an Modder , u cant find any hackers .. Everybody is calling them hackers , but they aren't

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how u get modes

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how do u get in elite

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Within/through the game, there is a menu for that =) But it never worked for me as it should have, so I never bothered again =(

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ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS report hackers glitches and cheaters...

the more everyone reports the more will get banned...

to may take them some time to review the gameplay but always report!

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they aren't going to patch as they don't give a fuck about mw3 no more , every time a new game comes out they leave the old one alone and move on

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