Is anybody having problems connecting to the servers?

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Is anybody having problems connecting to the serve...

Recently as of tonight I tired going online, but it keeps saying "Unable to connect to the Call Of Duty: MW3 servers. Please try again later". I've tried unplugging the wii from the power, turning off the wifi and turning it back on,and made a new profile to check if I just hacked on my main account since i always get threats from hackers. I do recall that an ally of my was telling me that a hurricane was hitting his house while we were doing a clan war and back in Black Ops Hurricane Sandy had knocked out the servers for about a week. That makes me wonder if the same thing happened here, but is anybody else having this problem?

                   P.s I don't hack people that say I hack.           


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Re: Is anybody having problems connecting to the s...

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On 06/19/2015 I and some of my friends have the same problem, no longer able to connect to the multiplayer game, those who managed to get online, found all the game statistics and reset the profile. To 28.06.2015 Activision has provided no explanation. Can someone kindly provide some useful explanations or solution?


The version is PAL ITA SM8I52 (Europe) Server ver 130.0
Profile create in november 2011

It's impossible to go online even with a new profile, tried by a different console, but have the same response: "impossibile connettersi ai server, riprovare più tardi"

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