Is there any truth in this?

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.1 seconds IS significant

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IF my math is right it would work out more than .1 sec as well.

My workings (havent a clue if correct or not, im not a computer buff)

1. ADS = .1 sec adv

2. straffe left/right = .1 sec adv

3. fire gun = .1 sec adv

I make that .3 sec adv.

Again could be way off the mark here, but if true then that is surley a very tasty advantage.

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Let's break this down.

So assume that there are two players, with equal reaction times, and the same perks/gun.

So these two guys both see each other at the exact same times.  (gun=ACR w/o quickdraw)

Player 1:  wired                                    Game time:.000                          Player 2: wireless

pulls the ads button                             .150                                               pulls the ads but.

player 1 starts a.d.s.                             .200                                                     waiting....

waiting....                                                 .300                                          player 2 starts ads

pulls shoot 1/2 way through ads           .350                                                       waiting

begins shooting                                      .400                                                     waiting

shooting                                                   .450                                  pulls "shoot" 1/2 way...

shooting                                                    .600                                      begins shooting

So in this scenario, you would have a .2 seconds advantage!!!!!!!!

In .2 seconds, the ACR shoots 2.35 bullets. So this means that you could have his screen already red before he even shoots!!!!

.2 seconds a gun like the Fad shoots 3.3 bullets!!!!

And of course this is only 1 example. The other variables can !ENHANCE! the effect or lessen it.

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wow it effed my whole post up, but you get the idea

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     It can be if youre thinking about it, i guess. But, i only have wireless controllers and do well all the time. My bro even has a wireless reciever for his xbox and he never complained or mentioned anything about being a second behind when he used to play. Besides, losing or winning a gun battle/knife battle would be near impossible to determine who is wired and who is wireless because "lag comp", connection speeds, and human reaction time also gets thrown into the mix.

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I was talking about the wireless adapter.  But this is interesting to know...

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Generally speaking you won't notice the difference between a wired or wireless controller unless your battery is getting low.

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Yeah most of the time you can't notice it unless your running low.

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4-8 milliseconds-

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