Issues with my online gameplay

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2 weeks ago i got MW3. I started playing and everything was going normal.

Suddenly today (06/13/12) everything went wrong. When im trying to look for a game it only says:

searching for games.... - 0/1 games found.

1 potential games found

<50 ms ping - 1 game found

<75 ms ping - 1 game found

<100 ms ping - 1 game found

<125 ms ping - 1 game found

<150 ms ping - 1 game found

It takes me a lot to find a server. When i finally found one, the freaking signal is in just 1 red bar and making me lag all the time. Before this, my signal was with the 4 green bars and I never had lag problems since i got a decent internet.

The PS3 says that the signal strength is 100%, i got the router really close to the console whats going on ? Am I missing something ?

Please help me i getting really tired of this.

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According to the Twiiter feed for Virginity Wart they finally know about this.  Anyhow, I have posted a thread for those tired of the normal lines and the results it lacks.  I PM'd the link to you, or just look in the Suggestion section under 'Fixing Activision'.

Im sure you'll love it, and will garuntee if enough of us make noise in the areas I put up...Things WILL be dealt with!!!  So pass the thread along and comment to it to keep it @ the top of subjects.

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