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I've seen pics and vidz of this killstreak and it seems to be overpowered

What do you think

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Well...the juggernaut is a tough dude. Ill pass judgement when i actually play the game. Plus the key to taking down one of these guys is teamwork....and the videos i saw people were trying to take dude on 1vs1 which is a really bad idea.

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yes teamwork is the best idea.

I just came up with a new idea what about hard core. Juggernaut might not be as good

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I don't see this ks being used much. It's clunky and slow.

Keep your distance from the guy and you can take him down.

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No, I don't think so. I know how to easily dominate a Jugger- flash them and take them out from behind.

I think most people will dislike it because you move so slowly as a jugger. Nowadays, peopel just want to GO GO GO.



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Do You Think There Going To Make It The Same Strat From The Last Game Flash Then Shoot From Behind Him? I Have A Feeling That They Might Change It Up A Little But I Dont Know How They Might Change It.

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A Predator Missile will take him out

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liek Darkshadow said, it doens't appear all too diffucult to take one down. I think it'll be one of those overused things, but from what i've seen, not overly overpowered.

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I posted this on the BO Off-Topic forum when a similar question came up there.

The easiest Juggernaut to achieve will be the Support Strike Package's 18 point streak Juggernaut Recon. The player will have only a riot shield and a pistol. They'll also have limited mobility and vision. To paint you a picture; this guy can really only kill you if you let him back you in to a corner and he bashes you to death. If he pulls out his pistol, just run away. He's basically just going to waste your time and ammo. You'll see this Juggernaut early in MW3's release but that's about it. The Escort Airdrop (pretty much an AI controlled chopper gunner that drops care packages) will be the killstreak of choice in the 18 point streak slot.

The Assault Strike Package's 15 point streak Juggernaut is the one that'll pose a problem, but this will be a bit tougher to get since the Assault Strike Package resets after death. You wont see too many of these running around. Either way, they'll be a slightly bigger problem then the other Juggernaut since they walk around with an LMG, but these guys lack the riot shield. This means that they're going to go down a little easier. I may be mistaken, but I don't think these can ADS. Don't quote me on that though.

tl;dr - Both Juggernaut's move slowly, even when running. They also can't jump and they have limited sight. Will they be a problem? In my opinion, not at all.

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Recon Jugg only has a riot shield from the vids I've seen...

.. but yeah... it has a chance to be an issue.

We'll see.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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