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I do not see a problem with the juggs. If you see a jugg you run the other way or spam rockets at it, lots of people are already good at spaming explosives from MW2

It is not that hard. Unless you are one of the people that run out-side when an enemy chopper gunner is out.

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Bring Juggy on. I think a lot of people will work at getting them, but they will not be effective.


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juggy don't scare me...

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He scares me...

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The support package juggernaut is going to be useful especially when it comes to close games.

I heard some stories from COD XP where the losing team turned the game around once one player puts on the Juggernaut suit and distracts the enemy while the team captures all flags to secure them a victory.

Can't wait to use it especially when I can die and still manage to get once I reach 18 points.

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You Know The Juggernaut Suit Can Be Used For A Lot Of Things! He Can Be The Heavy That Makes People Shoot At Him And Show Were The Enemy Is At On The Map And The Speed Runner Will Go Around And Nock Them Out! The Juggurnaut Suit Will Change It Up A Lot!

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I've dealt with a few (riot shield) Juggernauts in the MW3 beta at the XP event.  They're tough to kill, but I've managed to take em out. 


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Assault Package Juggernauts ALWAYS get an M60E4 (I think) and an MP412 REX pistol

Recon Juggernauts in the Support Package ALWAYS Get's a Riotshield and a USP.45 with a Mini-map consistent radar around the juggernaut

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seems like the really cool pointstreaks are more in the 14-18 range which is higher than a AC130 which kinda justifies the power of each streak

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To be honest the killstreak looks underpowered for the level killstreak it is. It looks very slow and the riot shield is only good from up close. As others suggested, keep your distance and the jugg should be pretty inaffective.


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