Knife seems to kill through Riot shield

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Has anyone else had experience of being knifed through the riot shield?

Now i appreciate that with Lag and minor graphical factors it may not be the case but is sure seems like getting knifed through the front of the Riot shield is all to easy!

Unfortunately I dont have a clip because I turned off the theatre mode (in an attempt to reduce any gameplay issues), but this has happened twice that i have noticed.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

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At least one other person has experienced this:

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I did look at that in my search but that was before the game even came out (15-Oct-2011 13:36), sounds like it may be an issue carried over from MW2.

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I totally knifed someone after dumping my clip into the sheild it did nothing i ran up and knifed the sheild and dude went down dead as a doornail. so ya knife beats riot sheild from the front no idea why?

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Bullets do it too:

It seems like your hitboxes extend way beyond the shield sometimes.

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That video is ridiculous!

Glad it wasn't just me, may have to alert the proper authorities on this one!

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A guy was in a corner, I went up to him, knifed his shield and he died. I was actually SHOCKED, because I've dealt with my fair share of RIot Shield users in MW2 and that would NEVER have happened in MW2...

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It's just the lag atm

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