Kontrol Freaks for the older dogs.

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I posted about a month ago asking about kontrol freaks making the controller more comfortable and after 2 weeks of using them I figured Id re-tread it.

So I am not old by any means I am in my mid 30's but have worked my ass off with my hands for 20 + of those years so I do have some early onset arthritis.  When I would jam out for an hour or more my hands hurt like hell and are pretty sore the next day.  I am also 230lbs so I am not a little guy and the control is just small and un-comfortable for any grown man over the age of 12.  Unless you have small hands.

I have to say they make the controller much more comfortable and do help a bunch in regards to comfort.  As far as the whole increased accuracy, increased KD etc. thats all bullshit marketing stuff.  It took me literally a couple of games to get used to them and contrary to what some have said I put them on both sticks and have yet to have them bump together.  They snap on super tight and are very sturdy.  L3 and R3 perform the same as without them.  I turned my sensitivity up to 10 which feels the same as 7 without them.  Obviously you can still move the stick in the full range of motion so if you are already on 10 you would just have to move the stick faster.  I had my sensitivity on 7 so 10 with the Kontrol freeks feels the same.

My only complaint with them is when I quickly move my finger to reload my weapon I bump the stick once in a awhile which is annoying and can get you killed in the right situation though after my first day or so of using them that is very rare.

Just figured I would follow up and for $15 I would say give them a try if you are like me and your hands get sore.  My buddy told me about the R1 L1 bumpers and I am going to try them next and will let you know how they feel.  My poor controller is going to look like frankenstein but If its comfortable what the hell uh......

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There is a way cheaper alternative to this on Ebay.  I think for 4 grips it cost me 4 bucks shipped to my door.  I only use the grip on the aiming part of the controller as you dont need precise movement on walking.  if you search "ps3 grip"  on ebay, the third item is what I am refering to.  check it out and save your self 12 dollars.

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Thanks for that.  For me it had nothing to do with precise movement and completely was a comfort thing.  Having my thumbs curled up at more then 90 degrees for long periods of time was not natural so I definately wanted them on both sticks.  Which works fine.

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How can it be BS if you now feel comfortable on a 10 sensitivity (which is insane btw). Most competitive gamers play on 2 to 5 sensitivity. I'm just saying you would probably do better on the long run running on 7 (or even lower for more accuracy at range).

I love the ps3 controller as it is. I wanted to buy them for when playing on the 360 though, but I rarely do anyway.

A lot of people play with the ps3 controllers vibration function on, on. I would play on off, makes a difference especially on blops when shooting.

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Its BS as far as your accuracy stat goes.  People post on the website that after they bought them their kdr went up .5 or accuracy went up by 5%.  I am saying that part is BS. 

The increased sensitivity has only to do with the longer stick taking more movement to cover the same ground so I moved it up a little to keep from having to lean the stick clear over to move in whatever direction.  I was on 7 so it seems the same now.  I guess I could see it helping some finess players but I run around like a maniac so It doesnt matter much for me.  It does make the controller more comfortable though.

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I play at 10 sensitivity without. I feel the added joystick movement would only slow me down. I don't have big hands either, so to each his own.

I would play with a higher sensitivity if it were available. I just like the fact that I can bump the analog stick and go where I need to be. I have enough hours at the high sensitivity to do exactly what I want in the game. I do play on a large screen, and when I do try to play at a low number, it seems like I'm stuck in quicksand the whole time.

I guess it is just what you get used to over time.

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