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Anyone know what the hell has been going on for the last week or so.  You get into a lobby and even the chat is cutting in and out.  Start playin the game and oh what do you know lag.  Some of the matches now not even the host has 4 bars.   3/4 of the matches you have 2 people with 2 bars and a guy laggin everyone out with a single bar connection.   Anyone else having the non stop chat cuttin in and out issue and some serious lag in the game.  I thinks its 3 X more extreme now then when the game came out.  Maybe they need more servers with it being summer and all the kids and people that dont want to deal with the heat playing.  Who knows.  Anyone else having the same problems please feel free to complain right here.

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Its the patches, everytime one gets released the game goes shit for several weeks until another patch repairs that and fucks something else up. Dont forget the dev team will now be working on the next game so the game is getting repaired/patched/updated with sticky tape and paperclips by the stationary manager.

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Been playing like sh!t for me since patch 1.13.Even worse the last couple of weeks though

don't think they'll ever fix this garbage

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I'll stick out a lot of the matches but I find when the game ends and we are back in the lobby I get kicked out due to server time out several times in just an hour or two of playing.  I'm not sure what they did, but since I started playing again this weekend, the game is 10% hit and 90% miss.

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Yeah it is gettin really bad.  I get the same kick message as you do.  Pretty sad you cant even talk to your teammates/friends while you are playin cause now the chat is a nonstop cut in and out

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I normally don't complain about the lag, enough Threads already created.

But it is very true what you say about hit & miss etc. I used to always get 4 or 3 sometimes 2 yellow. But now 2 yellow is the best  I can do, as do a lot of my friends.

Groundwar was always a guaranteed 4 to 3 green bar game, now its 2 yellow or less more often than not?

server time outs have become more and more common.

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"I feel like we are in a f*cking era where everyone is so focused on subscriber numbers and all that stuff that we need to get back to what I feel like we did so much better in the old days of just plain good will, like stuff like the LAN patch, yeah it is lower priority but let’s get it out the f*cking door. Let’s just do it." Robert Bowling, as to why he left.

As we all know IW and Activision were in complete turmoil, with the main guys leaving, lawsuits filed, and so forth. This game was already in the works to fail before it was released. Have to wait and see what Respawn s going to put out. They de-throned MOH before, maybe they can do it again with COD.

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What's worse is the server time out. I normally have to sacrafice a match just to make it into a lobby. I'll take the loss and sit through it only to get kicked a couple matches down the road due to server time out and have to sit through another loss the next lobby I go into

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That is so weird. I haven't been lagging at all.

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Oh yeah...I wont be another one sucked into buying anymore of their products til they do something right for once!!!!

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