LOL at the BT Infinty advert on Xbox Live

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PMSL its says 8 x times faster thennormal broadband the tag is "Have the edge online" not if you play MW3 you wont, you will get shafted right up the arse for having that speed!

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yep, i have 65 download / 15 upload.. this game is my nightmare.

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BT headline should be:

Get BT infinity and MW3 will fu*k you over, don't worry about having the edge you will move back and forward in time, your bullets will become invisible and for the ultimate in gaming experience 'Insta deaths' yippee - sign up now!

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oh god instadeaths, how i hate thee.

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Well its a mutal relationship BT/Call Of Duty.

Both sell inferior broken Shit.

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I have BT and I can concur Sir, that I DO NOT have any edge...

A headache maybe?

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You cannot "have the edge" in online gaming on xbox 360. Misleading advertising. Xbox 360 gameplay only uses about 2 meg upload / download "speed". The games are based on ping (mostly). Not on speed.

You also are not getting "more speed" what you are getting is larger packets sent.

Only thing faster internet is for is downloading and watching Netflix. I have maximum 27 meg "speed" and my movies come in crystal clear.

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Haa omg lag compensation has turned everyone into bitter and twisted sarcastic monsters lol.

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We were bitter, twisted and sarcastic well before lag compensation.

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