Let's talk about the Deathstreaks.....

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Thanks for clearing this up for me. I was under the impression that it lasted until the player died.

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I agree that Juiced was dumb.  They should have kept Lightweight as a normal perk, or a profeciency with ALL weapons.

I know that Dead Man's Hand is going to be abused.  Let's hope Blast Shield helps.

The other perks are fine I guess.  I am not complaining about Final Stand either--but the question I have with that deathstreak, is will reviving be automatic?


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Why can't everyone just accept deathstreaks. They aren't that useful especially if someone is doing so bad to the point that they need one.

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People say deathstreaks won't be a problem.

At least two threads a day about deathstreaks being annoying as hell.

And yes, I necrobumped this thread.

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I die to DMH maybe once or twice a week. So its not an issue for me. I die to martrydom maybe twice or thrice a week so not a problem for me. I died to final stand maybe 5 times a week, so not really a big problem. Not nearly as much as how weak the nades are in this game now or the grenade launchers like the xm25. Stop running in close all the time. Pay attention to what streaks the players are using during the match and when you see them again you know to be aware of what they may have if they have died too many times recently. Simple as that to deal with them. They do not need to be nerfed at all.

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Your posts are retarded, they need to be removed or nerfed serverly.

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You are retarded and need to be removed or nerfed severely.

See what I did there kiddo...

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Great idea pre-release got ignored I see. Lvl 80 > no more death streaks would have been fine. Though it's nonsense that there are lethal death streaks like Finals stand and dead man's hand stealing kills and giving unfair deaths constantly. New players need it, no it's trolls who need it. New players can get better via survivor mod, so that logic fails, nobody deserves to die to final stand or dead man's hand. Remove that crap, it's just complete BS. Especially dead man's hand and final stand as a 4 deathstreaks is a joke, it's much better than the other 4 deaths, deathstreaks.

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