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They banned me for boosting in a competition (which i never boosted in) then they apologized and said they would unbann me. I waited a month (feb now) finally got unbanned, then since then i have had an issue where even though i am unbanned whenever i enlist into a competition it says "suspended" . So i began to message them about it in the first week of february. ever since then i have gotten this message 13 times. =] Beach-head. You rock guys

Alright, i am getting  VERY frustrated, every time i attempt to enlist into a competition i am STILL getting the suspended message. Even though in my notifications i am "unbanned" it continues to say im suspended, this has been going on too long and if it is not fixed i may pursue legal action.

We've followed up with our accounts team and you should be able to enlist now.  Please let us know if you have any further issues.


My account got suspended for reasons that were ridiculous in janruary, then unsuspended on the 20th of february, *note just suspended on operations* but now I have been trying to enlist since the 20th of february to join operations and it keeps repeating that my account is suspended, please fix this ASAP i am trying to join tomorrows wicked dominator before time runs out.

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Make sure you let us all know how your 'legal action' works out for you.  LOLZ

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Last time I did this for a different reason and game to activision they offered me free products -_-

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heh, that sounds like my annoying drunk aunt. She will have a problem with her "screen saver" call HP, MS and god knows who else and rambles and always ends up with something free.  They just give her crap to get her dumb arse off the phone.

Needless to say when I see her # show up on my phone "IGNORE" is hit.

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Dedge wrote:

Last time I did this for a different reason and game to activision they offered me free products -_-

So you cheat at games and scam companies... nice.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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The american way. Whine and complain until you get something at someone elses expense.

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Not everybody in this country is a useless, whining troll. We need to stop FEEDING these dead beats and make them actually sweat a little bit. It's so sad to see the warped outlook these people have. It's a combo of bad parenting and an entitlement attitude that has f'd this country up. We should let 'natural selection' take it's course, if you know what I mean!

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