Looking for GOOD players to play with! (PS3) (EU)

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Looking for GOOD players to play with! (PS3) (EU)

I play MW3 alot and I struggle to play solo all the time. So I would like some of you guys to join my party and perhaps run support (I'll run support to sometimes, we'll switch it up regularly). My PSN is "UhdzpT" and I have a 5.1 k/d, I expect players around or over a 2 k/d. Because of connection issues, I will only play with people from the EU. I'm from the UK if you're wondering and having a mic would help too. By the way, I play KC and Domination (6vs6) as there are so many hackers in Ground War. I sometimes play Infected to if I've just prestiged as it is a good game mode to level up.

Make sure you add me, and I hope to play with you,


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