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Looking for a clan that plays a certain way in domination modes, were we capture either A,B or C,B and never push the other base. if you fit what im looking for let me know.  I play on ps3 also i have a 1.123 k/d ratio and just a few more losses then wins 206/223 just incase you needed to know.

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the killaholics sounds like the clan for you. check us out. http://www.killaholics.enjin.com

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come check us out w2oe.com

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yo,clan JC is recruiting,were a dommination clan and play that exact way,its hard getting players that have that understanding so id be keen to get you in,were at level 23 and usualy get gold in clan ops and would welcome an inteligent player,if you want to come for a few games and see if you like us add [shawnsteve on the psn].

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Lol yeah "iq" needed to spawn trap I presume what you guys getting out...very 'pro' lol

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