Looking for someone to team up with

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Looking for someone to team up with

So lately I can't find anyone worth playing with. And when I do, they wanna play Resistance and what not. I'd rather play maps like Gultch, Oasis, Bakarra, Underground, etc. Even Hardhat. (Can't find anyone worth a shit to play that map with).

If anyones looking for a partner add me and hit me up when you see me on. Send me a message/friend request instead of just sending a random invite just in case I'm not on. Seems like I've been getting a lot of random invites from multiplayer gamers.

Gotz sn95  <gamertag.

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Re: Looking for someone to team up with

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I feel exactly the same ! I wanna play collection 4 maps

ID: duddi710 send a request with a reminder .

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