Lookng for a PS3 Clan?

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Lookng for a PS3 Clan?

The EzKillers are expanding to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and we are looking for new members. We are a Playstation 3 clan that is built around loyal members who work together to better our gaming experience. We pride ourselves in the teamwork and strategy that only comes from skill and leadership that makes EzK sucessful. United we are able to overcome obstacles that no one part could overcome. We are completive but even in the mists of the most epic battles we are able to maintain a level of camaraderie that makes gaming fun! We currently have over 30 active members that are active in these games: Killzone 2 & 3, CoD: Black Ops, and Battlefield 3 to name a few. We are looking for active players who have a positive attitude and are able to bring both personality and skills to the table.

Please enquirer via the clan’s new Facebook page

(please fell free to like our page)  


Or via PSN


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