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Ok, I know this is late but I need to reply to this.

Are you kidding me?

All of you people talking about OMG LOL NO MOAB TITLE AND EMBLEM IS BAD WILL HELP THE BOOSTERS OMG OMG- you're all completely off task right now.

They can boost for the perfectionist, they can boost for the headshots for weapons, they can boost for the proficincies, they can boost for the rival, they can boost for the mastodon, they can boost for all your base, they can boost for EVERY title that is considered a "hard to get"/"good/nice"/"whatever" title. On MW2 there was a nuke emblem. It was only 10 nukes to get it. I RARELY saw anyone with it, and considering mw2 has so many flaws with hacking, I guess it's surprising. Honestly, I don't see what's so bad about the title/emblem at all. It's the same as any other title/emblem.

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I agree. In MW2 there was the nuke emblem and nobody had any problem about that. Considering how difficult a MOAB is to get there should be some reward for it. It would be cool to have a MOAB emblem and title.

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