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1. Lag Compensation fix

2. Spawn system fix

3. More Hardcore gamemodes (like Hardcore Capture the Flag)

4. 3rd person mode

5. Shotgun fix for making to many hitmarkers when close to a target. (without damage proficiency)

6. Tell us earlier news about upcoming DLC (release date, details etc.)

7. One in the Chamber, Gun Game and All or Nothing need to be apart from each other.

8. Community Playlist leaderbords

9. New Infected weapons.

10. More love to the shotguns.

11. Compentition Mode in Multiplayer

12. Release of the Clan Challenges

13. Better Clan Ops times

14. Better anti-boost system

15. When on Elite website, fix the clan ops bug when you click on a clan ops that only the back to program guide button shows up.

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