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 not that i like or advise such actions but its our only real option

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Hello I while back the same thing happened to my COD4 account and it said i needed like not even joking 100000000000000000000000000xp to rank up. I was only a lvl 40 but that doesnt matter cod4 and mw3 are my favorite games of all time and nowi cant play cod4 bc im not even lvl 1. Now talking about my MW3 aaccount, i was going to play last night 9/23/16 and it said that my game that i had to play was a newer version? I have no clue but i had to reset my stats and everything, I was prestige 6 lvl 73 and now im lvl 2 bc i was woundering if the game just glitched and if i ranked up again i would be back to my normal lvl but i guess not. I really need help from someone but your the closest person with the same problem as me. Yes i know that COD4 and MW3 are old games but i really want them to try to recover all my stats for Cod4 and mw3 because its not easy to ge to a hight prestige and to get some of the titles and emblems i had. Please if you or anyone have a solution to this PLEASE HELP!!!! (MW3 and COD4 username-tpagotti). 

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I'm gonna quit the game because of every time I join a match I join with hackers.

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I just got hacked today... Been playing for years and not I have to restart from zero.  I have the words "deranked" in different colors in my screen.  Contacted customer service and they couldn't do anything.  It's a shame they can't restore our stats.  Then what is the point of having a user name? Sad, very sad.  

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I have been reset by a hacker please help me(cod mw3)

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I got hacked by a hacker and i really want ny levels back.i was in infected and then i got infected so some guy have sniper and kills the all players in the server. We can't nothing



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Hello, yesterday I was playing mw3 until someone hacked my account and reset all stats. someone can help me?

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I see this all the time. It's also happened to me on more than one occasion, so I can feel and relate to the frustration that all the people who have played fairly over the last few years have suffered.


Personally I started playing cod at around 11-12 years old back when call of duty was out on the PCs, we had a few hackers back then, but we had dedicated server controls through the consoles of the game. Which meant hackers wouldn't last very long in the servers anyway, so hacking wasn't too much of an issue on many of their servers, shortly after we moved to CoD 2 with no issues other than my parents crappy internet at the time haha. We skipped cod 3 as trey arch had made a "CoD" (in my opinion this is the fake call of duty haha) but again each to their own. 


Anyways long story short what I'm trying to say is the servers used to be reliable. The games used to be a lot more fun and servers were looked after much better. All I seem to see through mw and mw2/3 as they are the only ones I can even justify playing, is hacker after hacker trolling people, moderator after moderator saying "well there's nothing we can do about it maybe you should have backed out". It kinda disgusts me, as the players who don't cheat and have probably spent valuable years of their life pouring their hearts and souls into the game have their stats reset in the click of a finger with a you should have left as an excuse. Yet mr top hax is aloud to carry on throughout his cheating day resetting people's accounts being invisible jumping 200feet, and nothing is done about it.


In my opinion it's a way of them saying well it's okay to hack on this game and this game but you can't do it on the new ones because people can't see that we are actually failing to uphold the integrity of our servers....


so so to all you staff out there who haven't helped out honest players, I'm sorry but you are just as bad as the hackers that are ruining many of our once favourite games!!!! 


Peace an Love all and a merry Christmas 


for non hacking games add SomeoneElsesMate (PSN )

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I dcided to hop back on MW3 and i was playing S&D and i relized that there was a hacker so i backed out and when i did all my stats had been reseted. I was on level 60 and now im a level 1... is there something that can be done about this or is everything a lost cuased and i have to completely restart online

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I have had my Stats reset as well.  I had just about 5 years of game play.  I lost my headshot accolades, I was about 9th in the world, now I'm at the bottom.  I have filed a complaint with ic3 on this.  I do feel this is criminal.  Activision should be taking better steps to secure our information.  I spent a lot of time and money on MW3, I kind of feel the need to be compensated for this loss.

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