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The same thing happened to my account except when I get online it resets my account back to level 1. So no matter how much I play I will never be able to gain back my rank. It is really annoying and rood when people hack for any reason. And when the hack just to be rood it's just wrong. I get hacking just to have fun but to reset some ones rank is something else. I really need help fixing my account. I was a rank 63.

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I don’t think there is a way to reset your statistics other than going to the game data utility on ps3 and erase call of duty mw3 then go to the saved data utility (ps3) and erase the data saved on the day you got hacked. If you don’t remember just erase all the data there and then go play the game and before you can play it should start downloading it and installing it. You will have 0% on everything and start at level 1 again but it’s better than being hacked. And to delete the data press triangle. You can tell people to do this.
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Your reply literally sucks 

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just logged in to MW3 multiplayer, joined first game, got kicked within a couple of seconds, went back to main screen and ALL stats reset - what the heck is that all about !?!?

I Have had this game since launch, max Prestige achieved, etc. To say I am pissed is an under statement !

how do you fix this ???

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I had the same issue right now.

I've joined a game and you could see all kind of strange menus (hacker) and each time i've respawned, i died  from a sniper head shot.

now i'm in level 1 with no prestige.

please advise!!!!!

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im haveing the same problem owned it for about a week have 23 hours online lvl 78 joined a game left all stats reset and all my classes are colored and say deranked 

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I just logged in to MW3 multiplayer, joined first game, got kicked within a couple of seconds, went back to main screen and ALL stats reset - what the heck is that all about !?!?

I was max Prestige achieved, 111656 rank

how do you fix this ???

I have Black ops 2 and Ghost. There was the last game i buy.

WTF can t restore the stats?????

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it's happened to me 30 minutes ago,
was i hacked?
i noticed there is a lot of hackers in this game,
reporting them doesn't help, as they are still playing and cheating....
ruins the game!!
I am not going to go through all that pain to get prestige levels
only to have it vanish again
don't think i will renew my xbox 360 subscription next month
MW3 is the only game i play online and i feel crushed that i have lost everything
and feel so disheartened, don't want to build up my game play levels again only for this to happen again and not have my ranks, prestige ect restored

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Unfortunately, I'm also a victim.   I tried uninstalling MW3 and reinstalling, but the message "Deranked using Phantom by Enstone"  persists.  It reset everything to zero, except my deaths, which are set to 888888889 or something like that.   Is this information stored on the PS3 somewhere, or are those stats retrieved online?  Is there some way to reset everything to just zero?   I really don't care about my prestige or anything like that, but would like to reset the stats and remove the "deranked" message.

See screenshot.  Help!


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I'm also in the same boat been in it for a while too... so I got board...opened a new account and wouldn't you know I've been deranked on that too... is there anyone on here that has a solution?

I know don't play with hackers, but how are we even supposed to know they are hackers anyway most of us are just gamers trying to relax and play an honest game... why can't you reset my account... even to nothing then I wont have this enstone crud pasted everywhere on my load out screen, I can easily get my rank back, I don't really care about that my concern is we might be spreading the illegitimate hack, and we don't even know it, I'm not a hacker and I don't want to pollute the honest games I enjoy playing an honest game of cod mw3 but all these hackers are ruining the fun...

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