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MW3 Updates...

1.  If you can't fix the exploit in Outpost, take it out of rotation until you can.

2.  Ricochet...ugh.  Nothing quite like hitting a fiery car or barrel with 1 bullet and getting credit for teamkilling when it finally explodes. 

3.  Ricochet...ugh.  Verbally telling teammates to hold back a moment while you throw an explosive...does it work?

4.  Ricochet...ugh.  Didn't we already have a punishment system in place for tks?

5.  Ricochet...ugh.  I've never been mad at anyone for accidentally tking me.  It's Hardcore, that's supposed to be a fact of the game.

6.  Ricochet...ugh.  For the players that truly become upset when they are teamkilled, MW3 conveniently has a Standard Playlist.

7.  Ricochet...ugh.  We'll never again know the glory of teamkilling a confirmed cheater.  (I didn't use the word 'suspected').

8.  Ricochet...ugh.  Did you ever shoot at an enemy and watch him die to a teammate's knife attack from around a corner and then see your lagged bullets penetrate your teammate?  

9.  Lag Compensation?  Host advantage/Disadvantage?  What?  It says you fixed something like that.  All I've noticed is that there are more green bars than there should be.

10.  Latency.  Can we have numeric latencies?  What are these bars supposed to be?  I'm not playing on a 1994 Nokia cellphone.

11.  Latency.  How about an option to choose what region to connect to.  As an American Soldier, I often wake early and play pre-dawn in the EST.  Despite the graph of the world players displaying the East Coast lit up like a Holiday Tree, I without fail connect to a host in France.  I have absolutely no desire to play with a latency over 100ms.  For all of the advancements in internet connectivity, speed, and bandwidth, the MW series manages to impede them all. 

12.  I'm not done, but I have to go to work.

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