MW3 ands IW why am I so frustrated with you?

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First off, I am not a great player and never will be but I do hold my own when not affected by the host disadvantage and other major factors. I am mostly a hc tdm player but I do like moshpit as well. I don't really care about W/L because I can't control that with a bunch of randoms but I play hard to try for the win. I do care more about K/D and accuracy both of which have sufferred in the past few weeks. Why am I frustrated? Because this game has been out for almost 7 months and there are a ton of issues not resolved:

Host Disadvantage- I pull host quite often and I take a beating and yes I will quit the match and force the migration when I know I just got screwed on 4-5 straight deaths. Prior to a few weeks ago I never had my deathstreaks come into play. 7 months and we are worse now. WTH IW?

Lag Compensation-This is the factor that affects everyone the most in a good/bad way. For the people who have worse connections, enjoy your "gift" of better stats and seeming to be better players when you really aren't. For those who decided and can afford to get better internet, I feel for you. I did it to stream and game(not at the same time). Life was much better gaming at 3 mb/s than at 18 mb/s. 7 months of tweaks by IW and the lag comp is bad. WTH IW?

Spawns-I know nothing will be done with this but how did they do such a poor job with the spawn system? What they say the spawn rules are isn't what really happens and we see it in every game. Worst spawn system yet. Truthfully I like the choose-your-own-spawn point system. At least you can pick if want/know you need to come out guns blazing or pick a more strategic point. WTH IW?

Lobby Making-Is it just me that gets put in these lobbies where you get your tail handed to you because the lobby-making code isn't right? I would rather it take longer to create a lobby if it got it better than what we have now. I am not talking about the elite clans or even some of the non-elite clans that are really good, I am talking about randoms and parties that are really are a clan but hide behind different tags. How about when your lobby is running just fine for a bit and then the system does something crazy and the teams become lopsided but all the players are still the same. How many matches are decided by 30-40 kills? If I get thrown in a game with the team down by that much I leave and if I get put on the winning side I leave. It seems like there are more butt whoopings out there than good matches. Personally I prefer a close match even if I lose every one of them. WTH IW

I know I could bring up the hacks and cheaters and the modded controller people but those don't impact me as much as the areas I covered. Btw I haven't seen a fix for the oasis glitch yet but I was glad to see that in 4 matches last nite nobody used it.

Seriously IW, 7 months and I get so frustrated playing MW3. Why do you do this to us? You pissed me off so bad last night that I quit playing mw3 after one final lag comp screwing and you forced me to put in Black Ops. Ahhhh the spawns are so much better and none of the host screwing and a lot less lag comp problems. Can't say about the lobbies because I didn't play long, I played just enough to feel good being a COD player again. I look forward to the next "fix" and I expect my k/d and accuracy to continue to drop at least until then. It is no wonder that there are so many campers now. I don't mind a mixture of player types because that makes for a good match but all camper games are no fun. Sorry to be so long winded but I finally had to vent.

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