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I've really given up ob MW3 and C.O.D titles because of all these hackers. I wish their playstations/xbox/pc would explode! It ain't fun no more. I still dont understand why they still allowed on the servers,im sure the creators of the game can stop this, ban them and inform Playstation to prevent them from utilising psn for that game. Mw3 had one of the greatest multiplayer expierence but now I would rather play survival because I know im gonna end up versing some douchebag hacker every 2 matches in multiplayer. C'mon, theres even some guy on the internet selling these hacks and mods not only for call of duty but hundreds of games. How do the developers not pick up on this..?

To some it up, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer is utter S#!T.

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I meant "Sum" (silly auto-correct)

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I feel your pain.  I'm on a PS3 and it looks like my machine just now upgraded to version 1.8.515.    Not sure how old that version is (is there a changelog somewhere?).  Maybe that will help with all the players who now routinely use God Mode or Invisibility mods.

It seems like the novelty of being invincible would wear off quickly.  How could that not get boring for the cheater after the first 10 minutes? 

They seem to be pretty easy to spot:  Either their clan name is lit up in yellow; they have zero deaths (although there are many skilled players who can go through a game without dying); or you'll see their ID flash before your eyes as their invisible body walks past.  Once I see those signs, I exit the room.

Seems that's all we can do for now.

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Hey there emteesun

To locate information on title updates for MW3 you can check the link below.

Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Notes

Also, if you would like to report anyone suspected of cheating for hacking please feel free to report them here: IW Enforcers (@IWEnforcers) | Twitter

Thanks for your support.


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they wont do anything to hackers on this game because this isnt their money maker anymore. The best way to beat a uav hacker is use blind eye because they cannot see you. Also to eliminate invisible hackers is to get it yourself because when they turn their invisible class on if u turn yours on it lags the lobby out and noone wins nor loses.

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My brother just got hacked

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