MW3 system requirements

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Lag Ops ran horribly on systems that far surpassed the minimum requirements. I hope that MW3 doesn't tax the system more than MW2 did, but as far as we know they are using the identical engine as in MW2, they can't possibly screw this up.

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well , if they BUMP up the specs then some pc's wont handlke it, this is a iw game so WIL run same as mw2 and cod4 xd

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hi I once asked MW3 goes with me?

AMD Athlon 7750 (Tm) Dual-Core
2.71 GHz, 3.50 GB RAM
Graphics Card: GeForce 9500 GT

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I have a feeling they'll be the same as MW2........

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My OS; Win7

       RAM; 3GB

      CPU; AMD Athlon X2 220

      GPU; ATI Radeon HD 5670

Will I be able to run it?

Ps; I was running BF3 on Nearly max graphics.

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