Max Out Mw3 Then BO2 Prep

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Grinding through mw3 to max out then off to play BO in prep for BO2.

Whats your BO2 prep?

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It's too early for me to prepare for Black Ops 2 until the hear the real multiplayer details around September.

Despite the b.s. in MW3, I'm just playing it for the clan ops to assist levelling up up the clan until Black Ops 2 releases. Also note that I have "pre-paid" for the maps so it's a waste not downloading & playing on the new maps in MW3.

The only time I'm playing Black Ops is playing zombies with a couple of the clan mates.

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Vims a pleasure as ever. While I'm at it happy ANZAC day. Heres to heros past and future and our shared heritage. let em wonder

Not a Zombies man.

Will grind to P15 mw3 at P12 25 ish so about 45 hours away at 2 hour per day. Then is BO to get into the groove and pace for BO2. Looking forward to it.

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The whole added prestige thing is bogus. I hate it so much! By the time I get to 15th they will come out with 20 probably so I'm going to stick to 10th prestige. I'll get every gun gold and then I'm off to Black Ops.

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I just hit prestige 15 not too long ago, (currently lv 40) and I think after I get a few gold guns, I'm heading back to black ops as well. I might play some world at war too, but who knows how long that'll last before I rage quit due to all the hacking. Im very interested to see how Blops 2/Eclipse will play. It could be very similar to blops 1, which is why I will go back to that beforehand, or it could be similar to the most recent cod's. I'm hoping they bring back war from W@w, which is why I'll be (trying) to play some of that.

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been playing black ops more and more as i get sick of all the BS in this game, at least they dont punish you for having a good connection. That and I get like 3+ host switches per game now in MW3 cuz everyone knows its the reason they are getting crapped on.

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Not everyone hates being host. I pull host all the time when i am party leader of my group and i love it. The more they tweak the lag comp for you guys the easier it is for me as host. I however cant kill people on a 3 bar connection. 25 down 4 up

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+1 to you sir

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