Me a Camper Really?

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Ha, now just posting this for the laugh,

But was in a few games against French players the other day, was being called "noob" and "f ing Camping" at every chance,

Explain to me, how im a camping noob, the lady version of a dog camper.. etc etc if im the one running to you, to kill you at the flag your trying to cap?

Now the best was the Bakarra match, were IMO you have only two options.. Run like hell and dont give the snipers a chance, or be a sniper.

I went with option A, and the abuse I got at the end of the match, even the game ending kill was me (rushing) to B, to kill of 3 of the trying to Cap it.

Your thoughts or similar experiences please?

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no worries.  i get called a camper and a noob when i blast with my USAS (can't really camp with that thing), fire off my javelin, or throw c4 into a crowded room for a triple+ kill.  don't you understand?  anyone who kills you is a camping noob!

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