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I too have been having the disc read error.  When it first started happening it was every 20 mins or so.  But finally, I think I have figured it out.  On mine, its always on the same maps, so now, I just avoid those maps as best I can, and I can play for a few hours straight.  It is annoying, yes, but its better to back out of a lobby and join a new one than wait for it to leave the game and say disc read error, then re-connect to online services.  It seems the only maps it happens to me, is Seatown, Arkaden, and the odd time Underground.  Which sucks, because I like those maps, except Underground.  Not sure about the new maps, because I don't really like any of them, so I stay away.  I guess all you gotta do is find your nemesis.

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I never had this error, but now i do... today first: total game freeze, had to restart ps3, now twice disc read error....

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open your ps3 and clean the lens, there are tutorials on youtube, so I did and it worked perfectly

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Interesting.  I just played for a couple of hours in the following maps:

Fallen (once - no error)

Bootleg (once - no error)

Underground (once - no error)

Seatown (2 or 3 times - no errors)

Interchange (2 times - no errors)

Village (3 times - disc error two different times)

Arkaden (2 times - disc error both times)

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It happened to me twice. I blew into the cd slot for the PS3, and cleaned the disk.

Turns out, my brother puts his dirty fingers on the shiny side of the disk when he takes it out of his ps3.

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Just happened to me again today, last time it happened was just before christmas. My original PS3 wich worked fine, all games worked fine and i dont even think the thing even crashed in 4 years. Then MW3 comes out, and i got disc read errors from the first week of the game being out. I got many replacements but nothing worked, in the end the disc read errors were so often on MW3 i stopped playing it, only to find that it had basicly destroyed my ps3. Nothing worked on it anymore, no games would even read. I got a new PS3 just after new year and yet another copy of the game (my 9th...yup NINE copies) eveything worked fine until today, i have had over 10 disc read errors and 4 game crashes in the space of half an hour. Now MW2 dosnt work either, its not reading all DVD's and has crashed once while watching family guy on DVD. The only game i got a decent play time out of was black ops..n i really can not stand that game =( So far MW3 has cost me roughly £400. New PS3, hardened edition and 9 game replacements. Infinity ward dont even have a website, Sledgehammer dont reply and Activision are only intrested in money. Something needs to be done about it ASAP.

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I can summarise the problem very simply.

I bought a PS3 only to play MW3

It was the only game I bought, and only game I played. Never downloaded anything, not got any photos etc, not internet browsed through Ps3, NOTHING

Only thing I ever did was play MW3

Bought the PS3 in about January 2012. Played every day 4 - 6 hours. Never had a problem. Game superb, not one single problem.

Then about April / May 2012 all of a sudden started to get Disc Read Error. About every 5 games, and then got more frequent to about every 2 games.

Read all the internet advice, did everything I could. Nothing worked at all. Best result I got was from balancing PS3 console on it's edge, so standing upright rather than flat as intended. This worked for about 2 days, then boom, again multiple Disc Read Error

Did all the cache, uninstall, factory settings etc ... everything. Finally gave up last weekend and went to buy a brand new PS3.

Insert disc. 5 great games. BOOM - HEADSHOT !!! Disc read error. On a PS3 played for about 5 games.

This surely proves 100% that this is nothing to do with the console, nothing to do with the cache, uninstalls etc.

Pure and simple it is the game itself

So everyone, please stop searching for a solution, because this is a problem that the user cannot solve. It can ONLY be solved by the manufacturers

Hope this helps

EDIT: One last thing I half-noticed. It seems to be, but it is only my feeling, that when there is an explosion close to my character, the disc read error is more frequent, flashbangs, frags etc. Is there a remote possibility that in fact there is some programming conflict with explosions? Or is it that the load on the system when an explosion happens exceeds a limit that the system can handle, and therefore the system thinks there is a problem reading the disc?

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This is horrible.  I have two playstations; an original fat and a slim.  I have ZERO problems playing any of my other games or watching DVD/Blu-Ray movies on either consoles.  However, on both systems MW3 multiplayer FREQUENTLY freezes the system or terminates the game with a "disc read error."  This is both unfortunate and unacceptable.  The internet is littered with documented forum posts, videos and FAQ's about this.  How can we get Activision to fix this?

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Just noticed MW3 related disc read errors on both my consoles. Followed all suggestions, spent another $55 at GamesStop and $20 to RMA original disc to Activision. This post is scary so say the least if MW3 indeed causes hardware failures!

It appears issue started when MW3 was released 11/11. I played this game since without a flaw; patched 1.18 and Disc Read Errors started shortly there after.

Now what ?? forum...

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I've been having the same issue for the last two weeks. I've tried cleaning the lens, leaving the ps3 on its side, cleaning the disk, to no avail. It is not just MP. Special ops crashes too. I havan't played the campaign, but I'm sure that would crash also. Also like someone else pointed out it seems to happen everytime a loud noise happens near me like a predator missile. I would say I can only finish 1 out of 5 games. We paid a lot of money for this game, so I wish they would at least address the issue.

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